How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World

The Epoch Times here serializes an adaptation from Chinese of the book How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World, by the editorial team of Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.


Though the communist regimes of Eastern Europe have disintegrated, the specter of communism has not disappeared. On the contrary, this evil specter is already ruling our world, and humanity must not harbor a mistaken sense of optimism.

Communism is neither a trend of thought, nor a doctrine, nor a failed attempt at a new way of ordering human affairs. Instead, it should be understood as a devil — an evil specter forged by hate, degeneracy, and other elemental forces in the universe.

In another dimension, not visible to us, it took the form of a serpent, then that of a red dragon, and it keeps company with Satan, who hates God. It exploits low-level beings and demons to wreak havoc on humankind. The goal of the specter is to ruin humanity. While the divine offers salvation, communism tells people not to believe in the divine, attacks human morality so as to make people abandon tradition, and causes people to disregard the divine’s instruction and, ultimately, to be destroyed.

The communist evil specter, with its countless mutations, is full of guile. Sometimes it uses slaughter and violence to destroy those who refuse to follow it. Other times, it takes recourse in the language of “science” and “progress,” offering a wonderful blueprint of the future in order to deceive people. Sometimes it presents itself as a profound field of learning and makes people believe that it is the future direction of mankind. Other times, it uses the slogans of “democracy,” “equality,” and “social justice” to infiltrate the fields of education, media, art, and law, bringing people under its banner without their awareness. At yet other times, it calls itself “socialism,” “progressivism,” “liberalism,” “neo-Marxism,” and other leftist terms.

Sometimes it holds up seemingly righteous banners such as pacifism, environmentalism, globalism, and political correctness. Other times, it supports vanguard art, sexual liberation, legalization of drugs, homosexuality, and other indulgences in human desires, giving the mistaken impression that it’s part of a popular trend.

Extremism and violence aren’t its only expressions — sometimes it pretends to care for the welfare of society. Yet its root purpose is to destroy, by whatever means, everything that is traditional, whether it be faith, religion, morality, culture, the institution of the family, art, pedagogy, or law — whatever it takes to have man fall into a moral abyss and be damned.

Communism and its various mutations are now found around the world. China and Cuba publicly proclaim themselves to be led by communist regimes. Even the United States — the leader of the free world — has fallen prey to attacks by the evil specter. Europe embraces socialism, and Africa and Latin America are enveloped in communist influence. This is the startling reality humankind now faces: The evil specter’s conspiracy to destroy humankind is on the verge of success.

Humans instinctively desire to benefit themselves and avoid danger. Instinct urges them to escape from suffering, to make a name for themselves, to establish prosperous enterprises, or merely to enjoy life. It is human to have these thoughts. However, if humans distance themselves from the divine, the evil specter can latch onto and intensify these thoughts to control them.

The hubris of the specter’s revolt against divinity also makes those it controls experience a sense of hubris. These individuals then try to play God through the wielding of power, capital, and knowledge, with the aim of ruling the fates of millions and influencing the course of history through social movements.

Humans are created by the divine and have both good and evil in their nature. If people abandon evil and choose compassion, they can return to the divine. What awaits on the opposite side is evil personified — the devil. The choice resides solely with the individual.

Many fundamentally kindhearted people have unknowingly become the communist specter’s agents or the targets of its manipulation — what Vladimir Lenin called “useful idiots.” Though society as a whole has ended up on the verge of destruction because of the specter’s inducements and temptations, very few people have willingly pledged their souls to the devil and chosen to deliberately corrupt mankind. For most, the kindness innate in human nature remains, giving them an opportunity to rid themselves of the specter’s influence.

The purpose of this book is to set out this complex and tangled issue in plain language as truthfully as possible. Then people will be able to see the communist specter’s tricks. More importantly, this book seeks to present the moral, cultural, and artistic traditions that the divine laid down for mankind. Individuals may then choose between the divine and the evil specter for themselves.

When a person’s kind thoughts emerge, the divine will help free him from the devil’s control. But the process of seeing the devil for what it is requires that one think deeply and discern clearly. This book seeks to reexamine the tides of history over the last several centuries and, from a high level and with a broad perspective, assess the multifarious masks and forms the devil has adopted in order to occupy and manipulate our world.

The goal of this effort is not to simply recount history, but to understand how we can stop the devil from ever ruling the world again. This relies on each individual’s enlightenment, proactive abandonment of evil, and return to the traditions and way of life that the divine laid down for man.

The divine will triumph over the devil. Which side we stand on will determine our eternal destiny.


Table of Contents




1. Communism: A Devil Bent on the Destruction of Humanity

2. The Devil’s Ways and Means

3. Communism: The Devil’s Ideology

4. A Metaphysical Understanding of the Devil

5. The Devil’s Many Faces

6. Socialism: The Preliminary Stage of Communism

7. Romantic Notions About Communism

8. The Destruction of Culture and Morality

9. Returning to the Divine and Tradition


1. The Corruption of Human Thought

2. The Subversion of Traditional Culture

3. Communism in the East and the West

4. The Breakdown of Society

5. The Divide-and-Conquer Strategy

6. Deception and Defense


1. Karl Marx’s Satanic Works

2. Marxism’s Historical Context

3. The French Revolution

4. Communism’s Debut in Paris

5. First Europe, Then the World


1. The Rise of Totalitarian Communism

a. The Soviet Communists’ Rise to Power
b. The Chinese Communist Party’s Power Grab

2. The Brutality of Communist Rule

a. Soviet Communist Atrocities
b. The CCP’s Deadly Campaigns

3. A Century of Killing


1. Exporting Revolution to Asia

a. The Korean War
b. The Vietnam War
c. The Khmer Rouge
d. The Rise and Fall of CCP Infiltration in Southeast Asia

2. Exporting Revolution to Latin America and Africa

a. Latin America
b. Africa

3. Socialism in Eastern Europe

a. Soviet Repression of Popular Movements in Eastern Europe
b. Albania and China

4. Communism After the Cold War


1. Communism via Violence and Nonviolence

2. War of Espionage and Disinformation

3. From the New Deal to Progressivism

4. The Cultural Revolution of the West

5. The Anti-War and Civil Rights Movements


6. The American Marxist

7. The Long March Through the Institutions

8. Political Correctness

9. Socialism Across Europe

10. Falling for the Devil’s Tricks


1. In the East: A Violent Revolt Against God

a. The Soviet Union’s Violent Destruction of Orthodox Religions
b. The Chinese Communist Party’s Destruction of Culture and Religion

2. In the West: Infiltrating and Weakening the Church

a. Infiltrating Religion
b. Restricting Religion

3. Communism’s Twisted Theology

4. Religious Chaos


1. Communism’s Aim to Abolish the Traditional Family

2. Communism’s Promotion of Promiscuity

3. Early Attempts at Sexual Liberation Under Communism

a. The Soviet ‘Glass of Water’ Theory
b. Sexual Liberation in the Chinese ‘Soviet Regions’

4. How Communism Destroys Families in the West

a. Promoting Sexual Liberation


b. Promoting Feminism and Rejecting the Traditional Family (continued)
c. Promoting Homosexuality to Undermine the Family
d. Promoting Divorce and Abortion
e. Using the Welfare System to Encourage Single-Parent Families
f. Promoting Degenerate Culture

5. How the Chinese Communist Party Destroys Families

a. Breaking Up Families in the Name of Equality
b. Turning Husbands and Wives Against Each Other
c. Using Forced Abortion for Population Control

6. The Consequences of Communism’s Assault on the Family


1. Communism: The Politics of Humanity’s Destruction

a. The Convergence of Politics and Religion in Communist Regimes
b. The Religious Character of Liberalism and Progressivism
c. Contemporary Liberalism and Progressivism: Variants of Communism

2. Bringing Government Under Leftist Control

3. Hatred and Struggle: The Invariable Course of Communist Politics


4. Politics Through Violence and Lies

a. How Communism Uses Violence and Lies
b. Instigating Violence in the West
c. Confusing the West With Lies

5. The Road to Totalitarianism

a. Eradicating Free Will and Suppressing Moral Agency
b. Totalitarianism via Welfare, Technology, and Excessive Regulation

6. Communism’s Threat to Basic Values


1. State Ownership and Planned Economies: Systems of Slavery

a. State Ownership: A Totalitarian Yoke
b. Economic Planning: Destined to Fail

2. Western Countries: Practicing Communism by Another Name

a. High Taxes and Welfare
b. Aggressive Economic Interventionism in Western Countries
c. How Socialist Economics Leads to Communist Totalitarianism


3. The Dystopian Socialism of the Chinese Communist Party

a. The Chinese Economy: No Relaxation of Communist Control
b. The Truth Behind China’s Economic Rise
c. Consequences of the Chinese Economic Model

4. The Ravages of Socialism in the Developing World

a. Eastern Europe: Haunted by Socialism
b. How Socialist Economics Failed Developing Nations

5. Marx’s Theory of Exploitation: An Inversion of Good and Evil

6. Hatred and Jealousy: The Origin of Absolute Egalitarianism

a. Economic Egalitarianism: A Stepping Stone to Communism
b. Communism’s Use of Unions to Undermine Free Societies

7. Communist ‘Ideals’: Tempting Man Toward His Own Destruction

8. Morality, Prosperity, and Peace


1. Law and Faith

2. Law Under Communist Tyrannies

a. Extralegal Policies of State Terror
b. Ever-Changing Standards of Right and Wrong
c. Ignoring the Constitution

3. How Communism Warps the Law in the West

a. Subverting the Moral Foundations of the Law
b. Seizing the Powers of Legislation and Promulgation
c. Twisted Court Interpretations
d. Restricting Law Enforcement
e. Using Foreign Laws to Weaken US Sovereignty

4. Restoring the Spirit of the Law


1. Art: A Gift From the Divine

2. Art’s Immense Influence on Humanity

3. Communism’s Sabotage and Abuse of Art

a. Art in Communist Countries
b. Communist Elements Behind the Avant-Garde Movement
c. The Inversion of Traditional Aesthetics: The Ugly as Art
d. The Perversion of Literature

4. Reviving True Art

CHAPTER 12: Part I

1. Communist Elements in Primary and Secondary Education

a. Dumbing Down Students
b. The Destructive Nature of Progressive Education
c. Ruining Students’ Moral Character
d. Psychological Manipulation
e. The Infiltration of Education


2. Communism in Western Universities

a. The Leftist Slant of University Faculties
b. Reshaping Traditional Academics With Communist Ideology
c. Using New Academic Fields for Ideological Infiltration
d. Promoting Leftist Radicalism
e. Denying America’s Great Traditions
f. Opposing the Classics of Western Civilization
g. Monopolizing Textbooks and Liberal Arts
h. University ‘Re-education’: Brainwashing and Moral Corruption

3. How Communism Destroyed Education in China

4. Returning to Traditional Education


1. Mass Indoctrination in Communist Countries

2. Communist Infiltration of Western Media and Hollywood

3. Left-Wing Bias Among Media Professionals

4. The Media Takeover by Liberalism and Progressivism

5. The Film Industry: Vanguard Against Tradition

6. Television: Corruption in Every Household

7. The Media: A Key Battleground in a Total War

8. Restoring the Integrity of the ‘Fourth Branch’


1. Communist Party Culture

2. Communism’s Subversion of Western Mass Culture

3. Pop Culture and Social Chaos

a. Hip-hop and Rock ‘n’ Roll
b. Drug Abuse
c. Pornography and Prostitution
d. Video Games
e. The Culture of Violence
f. Decadent Fashion

4. Recovering the Moral Foundations of Human Culture


1. Terrorism and Communist Revolution

2. How Communist Regimes Export Terror

3. The Communist Origins of Islamic Extremism
a. Sayyid Qutb: The Marx of Islamic Extremism
b. The Leninist Vanguard of Jihad
c. The Communist Core of Islamic Extremism
d. Qutb and the Rise of Terrorism
e. How Communism Has Victimized Ordinary Muslims

4. The Chinese Communist Party’s Support of Terrorism
a. The CCP’s Support of Yasser Arafat’s Terrorist Activities
b. The CCP’s Ties to Al-Qaeda

5. The Convergence of Terrorism and the West’s Radical Left

6. Ending the Fundamental Cause of Terrorism

CHAPTER 16: Part I

1. Communism and the Environmental Movement

a. The Three Stages of Environmentalism
b. The Marxist Roots of Environmental Movements
c. Ecological Marxism
d. Ecological Socialism
e. Making Green the New Red
f. Manipulating the Rhetoric of Environmentalism
g. Ecoterrorism
h. Greenpeace: Not a Peaceful Story

2. Climate Change

a. The Suppression of Opposing Voices
b. ‘Consensus’ in Climate Science


2. Climate Change (continued)

c. Establishing Dogma in the Scientific Community
d. Propaganda and Intimidation

3. Communist Environmentalism

a. Blaming Capitalism
b. The Religionization of Environmentalism
c. Political Infiltration: Building a World Government

4. Finding a True Solution to the Environmental Crisis


1. Globalism and Communism

2. Economic Globalization

a. The Destabilizing Effects of Globalization
b. How Globalization Facilitates the Spread of Communist Ideology
c. Western Capitalism: Nourishing the Chinese Communist Party

3. Political Globalization

a. Expanding Communist Political Power Through the UN
b. Subverting the UN’s Humanitarian Ideals
c. Promoting Communist Political Ideas Worldwide
d. World Government and Totalitarianism

4. Cultural Globalization: A Means of Corrupting Humanity

a. Destroying the World’s Cultural Traditions
b. The UN’s Role in Spreading Degenerate Values

5. Upholding National Heritage and Universal Values

CHAPTER 18: Part I

1. The Chinese Communist Party’s Ambition to Dominate the World

a. The CCP’s Multi-Pronged Strategy to Subvert and Contain the US
b. Inciting Anti-US Hatred in Preparation for War
c. The CCP’s Overt Intention to Defeat the US

2. Communist China’s Strategies for World Domination

a. One Belt, One Road Initiative: Territorial Expansion Under the Guise of Globalization
b. The Periphery Diplomacy Strategy to Exclude the US From the Asia-Pacific Region
c. Strategy in Europe: ‘Divide and Conquer’
d. ‘Colonizing’ Africa With the ‘Chinese Model’
e. Advancing Into Latin America
f. The CCP’s Growing Military Capabilities


3. Unrestricted Warfare With Chinese Communist Characteristics

a. The CCP’s Global Propaganda Operations
b. The Aim of United-Front Work: Disintegrating the Free World From Within
c. Economic Warfare: The CCP’s Heavy Weaponry
d. Using the Masses for Espionage
e. The Many Forms of Unrestricted Warfare

4. The Communist ‘China Model’

5. Lessons Learned and the Way Out

a. The Policy of Appeasement: A Grave Mistake
b. Why the West Got China Wrong
c. The Way Out


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