Yuga Theory in The Holy Science

Yuga Theory of Sri Yukteswar in The Holy Science



Discussion About Yugas

In his book The Holy Science, Swami Sri Yuktewar discusses about Yugas, the mathematical calculation of Yugas, how the present time is wrongly calculated as Kali Yuga and concludes that the present Yuga is Dwapara Yuga. Here is the summary of this discussion.


From Oriental Astronomy

According to Oriental astronomy:

  • The moons revolve around their planets
  • Planets while revolving around their axes, revolve around sun along with their moons
  • Sun takes some star as its dual and revolves around that dual along with its planets and their
  • One revolution of Sun around its dual takes 24000 years of our
  • The sun also revolves around a grand center called Vishnu Nabhi, the seat of Brahma, the universal magnetism.
  • During its movement, when Sun comes nearer to Vishnu Nabhi, the intellect of the universe is fully developed and man can easily comprehend all things, including the mysteries of
  • When Sun is farthest, the universal understanding is at the lowest and man can hardly comprehend the
  • Depending upon this level of understanding, based on the movement of Sun with respect to the Grand Center, the Vishnu Nabhi, over a half cycle of 12000 years, the yugas are
  • The Yugas indicate the general average understanding prevalent any any time based on the movement of Sun. However when individuals put effort they can develop their intellect and rise above this planetery

The following is a possible visual representation of the movement of solar system around Vishnu Nabhi, as explained by Swami Sri Yukteswar in The Holy Science.



So in the full cycle of 24000 years sun revolves around its dual, when the sun is nearest to the Grand Center or Seat of Brahma, The dharma or mental virtue is highest and man can comprehend all. When the sun is farthest from the Seat of Brahma, the mental virtue is least and man can not grasp any thing beyond the gross material creation.

So it takes 12000 years (half cycle) for Dharma to go up from least to highest and another 12000 to go down from highest to lowest. Based on this cycle of development of Dharma, the Yugas are formed.

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