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Maha-Bharata Epic of the Bharatas Condensed into English Verse by Romesh C. Dutt To the Marquis of Ripon Ever gratefully remembered by my countrymen for his just and benevolent administration and for his generous and helpful measures for the introduction of self-government in India this translation of the Maha-Bharata is respectfully dedicated.                 …

The Adam and Eve Story

      Dr. Thomas attended Dartmouth College and Columbia University, graduating from the latter in Electrical Engineering. As a result of his research and analysis since 1949, Dr. Thomas has become recognized as the world’s leading authority in cataclysm ology. His cross-correlation research in cataclysm ology has demonstrated that the cataclysm logical concepts as presented by DeLuc in 1779 …


Civilization on trial by Arnold Joseph Toynbee


The U.S. Patents of Nikola Tesla

Montesquieu Theory of Separation of powers

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man


Shapeshifting: Techniques for Global and Personal Transformation


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