The Hopi Prophecy

Excerpts from ‘Hopi Prophecy’

Excerpts from ‘Hopi Prophecy’


The followings are experts about the Hopi Prophecy listed on the Internet, just for readers’ reference:

Year 2000 is close approximate date. Everything happens one right after another like dominos.

Caused by peoples’ corruption.

Will have star people visit, but doesn’t indicate who they are or if they will help or hinder people.

Has happened before in times past. Changes will take place in such a way that the planet will become a different planet.

Axis of Earth will shift.

Where it was hot will be cold and where it was cold will be hot.

Afterwards life changes. One language and one law. 

The dark-hearted ones will be eliminated and the good hearted ones walking with the One will continue this world.”






Excerpts from ‘Hopi Prophecy’


A kindhearted person invited some Falun Gong practitioners to teach Falun Gong exercises at a church in mid-US. She contacted some Americans who are interested in cultivation to attend. The audience was convinced by the profound principles of Falun Gong. When a practitioner explained the Falun Emblem to the audience that the Dharma Wheel from Buddha’s School, the Yin and Yang from the Taoist School and everything in this ten-directional world are all embodied in this Falun Emblem, a person from the audience said excitedly, “I’ve seen this Swastika sign before. I know that there will be a Saint of the East come at around this time and he will bring sacred power and justice to people of all races. I’ve been paying close attention to Asia, waiting for Pahana to appear. I think that Falun Gong is the only thing that is connected to this prophecy.”

This person is a teacher for disabled children. He is very kind and has studied various prophecies, Taichi, internal cultivation, etc. When he came to do the exercises for the second time, he brought us an URL for a website and showed us an ancient Indian prophecy diagram. The prophecy diagram indeed affords food for thought. There is a Swastika sign inside the leftmost circle.

Hopi Elders said that important things would happen at a time close to now.



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