Life And Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East - VOL 5

Life And Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East – VOL 5





Friends, we are going to take up here what has been shown and proved in over sixty years of research work. We have the scientific proof today that every function, every thing in this whole universe is Divine. Name that Divinity what you will, the greatest name is the word “God.” Why? We can show you today that that the word vibrates at the rate of one hundred and eighty- six billion beats a second and we know people capable of intoning that word. But the beauty of it is, the moment that you realize that vibration, you are that vibration every time.

Now it is established in every form. It isn’t just your form or the form of anybody else; it is established in everything and, were it not for that divinity, we are proving today that we couldn’t take a photograph. There wouldn’t be a form in this room that we could photograph today if it were not for that divinity.

Now we have absolute proof of that. Then why say that I am not divine? You just leave the “not” out of that and see what difference it will make. I Am divine! And there’s the truth about yourself. The untruth is—I am not divine. The truth is, I Am divine. Complete the saying and carry right through—”God I Am.”

We make those statements for the reason that we know today. You have been told that, yes, but what someone else tells you, you may take with a grain of salt or you may say, “Well, perhaps that person doesn’t know,” but today we know through experiment in photography and high magnification and we can take any person and ask him to sit before this camera under high magnification and it will show that divinity every time.

Our bodies started from the one cell and the multiplication of that cell built this body. And we can show, through high magnification today, that that light never ceases. It is transmitted from one cell to the other as this body is built up. It doesn’t matter what you think about it or what you say about it, it is established in that vibratory frequency and it never goes out of that frequency.

There is proof of these things today. The eye, one of the greatest things in our body today, is also adjusted; the rods and cones and the retina are so adjusted that they take in the divinity, the moment that we realize that divinity our eye becomes adjusted to it and the frequency that it moves forth at, and it can be shown that those who have not in any way impaired their sight, that they themselves see that almost immediately by the acceptance that they are divine.

Now divinity is God in everything, in every form. The Christ means the power to realize that divinity within. Then don’t we see the Christ in every face, in every form? That was one of the very first statements that Jesus made. We find that in our research work. “I see the Christ in every face, in every form. When the first child was born the Christ was born.”

That is the conquering Christ, the one that conquers, the Master of everything. There isn’t a person today but what is the master. Now the moment you say that, people begin to look for a master. The moment you look without for the master you forget all about the master within, and humanity has made the greatest mistake by looking for God or trying to see God. Why?

Because you are looking for that which is right within you and when you pronounce that you are that, you are, every time. We can show you that if you will use the word “God” once, in standing before that high magnification, your body will never go back to the same frequency in vibration that it was before you used that one word.

Another thing, we can show that the word “God” is so established in a book that that book has a greater eminence because of the presence of that word. We have three men who can intone that word to one hundred and eighty-six billion vibrations a second. We asked them to go to the 180th parallel, which is the farthest you can get away from Greenwich on this planet. Then, at a certain stated time, we arranged this instrument so that it recorded the vibration that they intoned. Just as soon as that frequency came in, the hand went right up to that point. Now we put the oldest Bible in the Museum of Natural History in London under that instrument. Then we gradually removed that book and slipped in a book in which the word “God” was not recorded and the instrument went right back. Then we took a third book in which the word. “God” was recorded only three times and the instrument responded immediately. Just one word, “God” was responsible for this response in frequency. If it will do that to an inanimate thing, what will it do to our body form by the positive use and acceptance of the word “God.”

With the voices of the three men intoning the word “God” at one hundred and eighty-six billion vibrations a second, the graph goes across a thirty foot film. Then, with these same men using the word “Jehovah” it marks only about five inches on that same film. Why? The moment that you use the word “God” with understanding, and belief, and knowing, you are setting up the greatest vibration that is known today, and the vibratory influence collects substance, and the moment that you put out your thoughts, a condensation of that substance is yours and, in fact, to put it forth in the right order, you can’t keep those things from you. Now that is what belongs to everyone—every good thing that they can use. You set up that vibratory influence and it manifests here and now.

There is a very definite principle that we are working on today, that principle of divinity in everything. This has been proved by our camera taking photographs of past events. We can show that every blade of grass, every tree, every shrub, every flower, every seed is divine and, were it not for that divinity, that seed would not grow, nor the plant, nor the tree, and we can show you definite photography today that that germ in that seed has the exact replica of the form that it will bring forth every time. Then why do we go about saying we don’t understand?  Isn’t it greater to say “I do understand”? You do understand! That understanding is right within yourself. You are the master of those things and, by letting go of outer appearances, you master the thing within, accepting and recognizing that you are the master!

Many people write and ask if they cannot go to see the Masters or what must they do to see the Masters. The moment you step out from yourself with your thought that you wish to see a Master, you have lost sight of the Master within. When you recognize and become aware of that, you are with the Master and you are with all of Them.

Now just let someone say, “I am not God,” then stop for a moment and take that “not” out. That is a negative word and has no frequency in vibration whatever. You give it energy that keeps it living by pronouncing it and the moment you refuse to pronounce that word it has no energy of its own.

There is a camera that shows you that today. You can actually sit before that camera and make your statement, don’t say a word but think it, and we will give you your exact thoughts from the graph shown on the film. Then we ask for a statement with a negative word, just to see what happens, and when it comes to that negative word, there is no graph on the film. It simply is not recorded.

That camera is showing today the great frequency of vibration of the human form and, if the frequency was not there, we would not get it; and, if there were hypnosis used, it would not record.

We have taken over four or five hundred pictures of the fakirs of India and, wherever hypnosis is used, the camera doesn’t get it at all.  We have had two or three very remarkable instances among those hundreds of pictures taken. On one occasion we were returning to our home in India and when we arrived there was a man standing just inside the gate. He had placed an orange seed in the ground, put his little mantilla over it, and it was coming up. He removed the mantilla and the orange tree came right on up and in forty-five minutes apparently there was a tree there, the branches, the buds, the flowers, the leaves, and then the ripe oranges. We were taking pictures of that. There were twelve cameras in the group, and we ourselves were so deceived at that time that we stepped up and attempted to pick oranges off the tree, and the tree wasn’t there!

One of the men developed two of those films and I kept the young fakir in conversation until  they returned with the two films. I unrolled one before him and said, “How come?  You fooled us but you didn’t fool the box.” He was quite perturbed over it and said, “Tomorrow you come, I show you.” It was agreed we would meet on the following day at eleven o’clock.

The next day we were all on hand at the appointed hour; and we had exchanged cameras. On this occasion the young fakir brought with him a man whom none of us had ever met before. He came forward willingly, put the seed in the ground; our group was taking pictures all the while. The tree came up in identically the same way. We all saw it. This time we wouldn’t attempt to go up and try to pick oranges off the tree, we had been so badly deceived the day before. Finally the Chief said to us, “Well, what’s the use? If it isn’t there, then let’s find out.” He walked up and picked an orange off the tree and ate it and each one of us did likewise. That tree is still bearing oranges on our place in India!

Here is what happened. The young fakir was the chela of the old guru. When we explained to the guru what had happened the day before, he became quite irritated and dismissed the chela and refused to have anything more to do with him. He told us that they carry their chelas through all of the twelve methods of hypnotic influence to show them that there is no existence there, that nothing is accomplished there, but if we will let go of them all and be this, then everything we do comes forward.

It comes under the art or law of suggestion, and we have studied it in India. For example, we see a man come out with a rope in his hand. A small group who are curious gather around him and he throws the rope up in the air, apparently, and then calls a boy out of the group to climb the rope. Maybe the boy disappears at the top of the rope, and that is all that is necessary. The man collects a few coins, enough to give him a living for a few days. Now we have taken pictures in the 500 instances of those exhibits, and the camera gets nothing on the film but the man standing there before the group. There is your power of suggestion.  It is brought out so definitely that you stand there and believe it.

The old guru is working with us today over in India. We take the seed, plant it in the ground, irrigate the soil mechanically, and in seven minutes we have a stalk of corn with two ears fully developed. This old guru, when he puts a seed of corn in the ground, before he raises up, the plant stands before him! He has no mechanical devices at all. He just knows. Now there is the best evidence in the world that we ourselves are perfectly capable of that accomplishment. It belongs to everybody. If anyone ever accomplished those things, then all have the privilege. No one is selected, each has the ability within himself. There is nothing complicated, in fact, it is very simple, and we need no lessons. It is merely bringing one to the point where he sees or is aware of the advantage of accepting those things, and then giving thanks that they are.

This power is present and works in everything, in our daily living, even in the money that we use. There is no need of anyone being in want. There is no want, in fact. We simply fail in our expression, and we call it lack. Now let go of another “fail.” There is no failure.

Many of our medical scientists today are saying that in the future man will live a hundred years longer than he does today. Age is simply a state of consciousness and when man learns to let go of old age he will go on and on. A year makes no difference in our thought structure until we say that one year has passed. Then we immediately qualify it with one year older, whereas if we would think of it as a year of greater accomplishment and achievement, a year of greater illumination and understanding, it would be just that.

The greatest thing that we can do is to see the divinity in every face, in every form. Our greatest privilege is to see the Christ in every face and that means the unlimited power to know God within.

We can go right back to all of those things and prove them today. We don’t ask you to take them on hearsay. You can prove it for yourself by letting go of old age, of limitation, and all negative thoughts, refusing to use them or accept them in your world.

We know historically that about 3,000 years ago one language that was spoken did not have a negative word in it, and that language goes back for over 20,0000 years,


Q. Does the word “God” spoken silently have as much power as the word spoken audibly?

A. There is just as much power. In fact, to many people it is more powerful to think “God” within than to speak it.

Q. How can we set in motion this great power within for self-expression?

A. Simply by knowing that that power is yours. You are the Supreme Power. You are the Supreme Wisdom and, the moment that you accept that, you set the energy free which shows you that you are free from any limitation whatsoever.

Q. Will there be great destruction on this planet before there is universal peace?

A. The destruction is what we put on ourselves. The thoughts that we put out. Now, supposing we all refused to use the word “destruction” would there be any? Not at all.

Q. What holds back the knowledge of the great Masters from readily spreading throughout the world?

A. It is our fault, nothing else can hold us back. The moment we accept and know that we are as They are, and always have been, why it will never be held back at all. Nobody can hold it back from us but ourselves.

Q. Is hypnotism trespassing the law of subjugating a man’s will?

A. Hypnotism has been generally conceded to be a very detrimental thing to use on the human form or human brain.





Is there a God? We have that question asked more often than any other question today.

Science has given a great deal of attention and thought in recent years to this subject and is really doing a magnificent work in research along this line. The research was suggested by a group of medical scientists and it has been in progress for several years now.

Of course, there is a very great determination that there is a great Principle back of all experiences. This goes back so far that all continuity of it has been lost through the ages. We are coming to realize that is has always existed and does exist today and nothing can move that Principle out of absolute law and order.

The greatest question humanity has asked and is still asking, is: “Is there a God?” From an orthodox point of view it is accepted on faith that there is a God, a divinity called the Father of man. In this way we are speaking for a great division of humanity. Yet, in no way satisfied with believing on faith alone, they ask to know: “Have you irrefutable proof of the existence of Divinity?”

It has been the task of science to investigate the matter and find the answer to the question, an answer which will satisfy the rational mind.

Through scientific investigation in recent years it has been discovered that there is a Universal Force, which is also termed Universal Energy, a primal energy, pervading the entire universe and filling infinite space. Today we are finding that the energy that that Principle manifests is greater than the atomic bomb. That energy emanates throughout all space, all conditions, and all things. It is not given just to one person or to one group, it is all-in-all and it belongs to everyone. It works with everybody, whether we realize it or not.  The non-realization of it makes no difference whatever. It is not concealed under books or in dark places. It is ever-present, omnipresent, pervading all things. It is the very substance and principle from which we live and move and have our being. Were it not for that very Principle, that Divinity in every person, we would not be able to take a picture of this group. Experience has proved this. This Divine Principle has residence within and permeates everything, every method of life and experience. It is that Divine influence, that Divine Energy which is permanent, everlasting, all-encompassing. We have proved that through photography, for were it not for that Divine Energy, no photograph could be taken.  The pictures recorded on a film are simply the emanating vibrations coming from the object or person of whom the picture is taken.

This is proof of the Divinity within each form. If we seek that Divinity from without, we fail to find it, for we are looking outside ourselves for that which is as near to us as our hands and feet, as close to us as our heart, right within us. If we will go within, we will find Divinity in all phases. Then why waste our time searching without for God?

It is the same with the Masters, or Elder Brothers. They are right here, within every form. They are as near to us as our heart. You do not have to travel to India or to any other country to see these Masters. You can see them right where you are. “When the student is ready the Master will appear.”

It is well known today that through a greater civilization, many, many ages past, a great reservoir, as it is called, was built up of the principles and God-qualities and attributes that have been generated and manifested through countless eons of time, and that reservoir of good cannot be invaded by any condition of negative whatsoever. The mighty reservoir or momentum of God-good energy and pristine purity stands there for all time and the instant we think of that great vibrating, pulsating principle we become aware of it right within ourselves. That vast reservoir of good stands ready and waiting for our use at all times. We have but to tune into it, to become at one with it.

Now that energy has been called by the name “God,” the word that is receptive to the greatest vibratory influence known today.

When we use that word in its right meaning, and it can be used in no other way to have any influence, we act upon all substance; we act upon every principle; we act upon all law and order, and that which we pronounce in good form is already ours. Just as Jesus said, “Before ye have asked I have answered, and while ye are speaking I have heard.” Think of it! Because we have sent forth in definite order and definite form, the Word, at that instant that which we state belongs to us! There is no time or space.

It is well known today that perfection never could be created. It always was and is. If we think through our expressions to create perfection we go outside of ourselves completely, because perfection is already created and is here and now; therefore, by using the right words, right thoughts, right actions, every word impinges upon that great vibratory influence. The thought first and then the word expressed.

In our Bible it says: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.”

As we learn to throw out every negative thought, feeling, word, and action, we conserve that energy within our own form. The moment we speak a negative word we are dissipating God’s pure and perfect energy; therefore, the more we learn to discipline ourselves to think, feel, speak, and act positively and constructively, the more of this potent energy do we generate to fulfill our calls and manifest perfection.

Every statement made by Jesus manifested here and now. In His world there was no future, all was now. In the original language there is no word for the future, there is no word for the past. Every word in that language is the expression of here and now. In like manner it is known today that every word we speak under positive, constructive influence is recorded and it never goes out of existence.

The very definite statement, “I Am God,” is a determining factor in carrying humanity onward. With that ideal we progress.

Each individual may prove this statement for himself. It is the one who can project an ideal, and then hold his vision true to it, who accomplishes, in many cases unconscious of how he has done so.

Worship is not an idle action. It is necessary to put forth an effort to realize the ideal. That ideal held completely in thought must come forth in form. The thought in itself brings the thing into visible form. That vision projects so definitely that it is called from the source of all being and consolidated in its entirety. A clearly presented vision precedes it.

It is important to hold to one condition at a time. Never permit your thoughts to wander at random or even to project another form until the first one has been accomplished. After the action is completed, let the thought go completely and turn to the next action.

This is the definite understanding which Jesus had. “Ye are Gods, and sons of the Most High.” That was His thought regarding the fact of human existence. Always the highest; always the noblest; always the purest; always Light. Never anything that might limit life and energy. Never failing, never doubting. Always the same singleness of purpose directing thought.  This projected vision can carry humanity above any fear or discordant condition of thought, can keep humanity always at that level of high accomplishment, going from lesser to a greater field of usefulness.

Such is the progression of our planetary system. The suns of all solar systems express in that way drawing energy to themselves that greater energy may be given out. If our sun were a great lump of coal, it would sometime be consumed. No, it has existed for hundreds of millions of years. It draws to itself force, power, energy, making it available to our world as well as others. Man must learn the same lesson of the exchange of energy.

The moment we withhold our forces, stagnation takes place. But, if we give forth of what we have, the new always flows in to refill the space left by what was given out. The energy is inexhaustible if we use it in the right way and in the right direction. That is why this body of ours is renewed. If that energy is without us, it is also within us.

If divinity is without, then we cannot keep it from within. All that one need do is to make of himself a channel for the divine force. It is always pulsating and cannot be depleted. This is the essential explanation of man’s immortality. There is an immortality to every thought, every act, and every word. There is a coalescing force which man cannot escape. What man generates and emanates accomplishes the fact which has always existed. The fact of all being has always existed in spirit without beginning or end.

Man always questions the nature of beginning. It is not easy to conceive of anything without an origin. As far as man is concerned, beginning came into being with conscious or separate identity. Before that man was spirit, and that state is one to which we shall return.

The new attitude toward science and religion will enable us to realize the better things which have been promised. They are here now when we shall have opened ourselves to receive them.

God is in no way the form of a human being. God is that Supreme Intelligent Power that permeates every form and every atom of the whole universe. When you realize that Supreme Intelligent Power is fully centralized within your form, you are that Power, and by fully acknowledging that this power acts through you, you are that power. Each and every individual has the ability to be that Power. This is the God Kingdom into which every individual is born and, as soon as all see and know this, all are of God’s Kingdom.


Q. What is the first law?

A. The first law is I Am. That is the lost word. We are beginning to realize it. God I Am.

Q. I should like to know more about the “I AM” as the Masters presented it to you.

A. “I AM” is the second word in the language. It means the complete acceptance that you are God. God I Am. The word “God” is the first, because of its greatest vibration, and then your acceptance is “I Am.”

Q. What is the Holy Ghost?

A. The Holy Ghost means the whole of the I Am spirit in complete action in every form.

Q. How does one bring forth the Christ?

A. The Christ must be born within each one. Jesus gave us the example of this. You bring forth that which is within you by turning your attention to and concentrating upon that very thing. The Christ is within you.

Q. If these Masters you write about are able to leave their bodies, how is it that so few people know about it?

A. Because people don’t believe it! They do not leave the body, that is an expression which is used so that it can be understood. They take their bodies with them.

Q. Have you ever contacted Saint Germain?

A. We know of Saint Germain and know of his life. It was a great life. No one know that Saint Germain ever went through death. My adopted brother and I had an interesting experience in this connection. He was engaged in a great government engineering project in this country. After he left that, Paris cabled him to come over there. They had under advisement the draining of a great swamp back of the City of Paris and making it a fertile country for gardens. As they proceeded with that, the Seine began to encroach upon Saint Germain’s tomb and they realized they would have to move it. He cabled me and suggested I come over, as they would probably open the casket and we could view the remains. I went over. The casket was opened and in the casket was found only the thigh bone of a dog! Now think of the thousands of healings that went on in that place. They put all of their thoughts upon the accomplishment of Saint Germain, they lost all track of their infirmities, and complete perfection took place. Now that is so with nearly every one of the shrines today.

Q. When we wish something that is ours by divine right, is it right to demand it?

A. If anything is yours by divine right, there will be no need to demand it. Our own acceptance of illusions negates the good that we want. When you give expression to the divine nature within you, you will find whatever you will use at hand. The realization of this permits you to know that the good is accomplished before you express the thought. The need does not have to arise.

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