Life And Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East - VOL 5

Life And Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East – VOL 5





From a select amoeba the Divine Image never changes. It dominates the ideal and perfect form and passes on that perfect form unchanged to every new cell that is created in the entire form. Thus every cell of the bodies of the entire human race not only has the perfect but is the perfect image of Supreme Intelligence. Thus we have the unassailable proof that man or humanity is the divine, supreme intelligence, which is God, the Conquering Christ, God-man, the result of the complete coalition of the Trinity. Indeed, every seed has the exact image of that which it will produce.

Now let us sit quietly and look directly at this select amoeba and its ability to reproduce and send forth and unerringly implant its perfect image into every cell that, through multiplication, forms not only the human form but every tree, every blade of grass, every flower, every crystal, and every rock, as well as every grain of sand. In fact, by the close examination of crystals, all rock structure can readily be classified. It is thus with every grain of sand as well as with all minerals. This crystallization is the foundation from which we learn their relationship to the whole and their relationship and economic value to humanity.

Let us return again to the high magnification and rapid photography which is being developed. We find that the minutest seed, when its germ cell is photographed under high magnification, has the exact form of that which it will produce and bring forth unerringly, and it is giving off a wave length or a vibratory frequency which accompanies it throughout its circle of productivity. And through its frequency of vibration it attracts to itself the energy that is necessary for its development into maturity; and this frequency of vibration, which is the divine life essence which accumulates or draws to itself the substance, not only gives life to the tree, the flower, and all vegetable life, as well as all minerals and metallic substance but it is the very life of the substance.

Now we are free to say that all substance has life expressing through it. And there is no change from that divine plan of perfection until man, through his thoughts, either enhances or debauches the perfection. It is also found that man is able to influence these emanations of perfection to a larger and greater productivity of presenting greater and greater thoughts of productivity and more abundant perfection.

Let us return again to the amoeba or first cell. While this cell is entirely different from that of the vegetable or mineral, its rate of vibration is much greater and is not to be compared with that of the mineral or animal. It is found that its rate of vibration is the force that draws its energy or substance to itself, which causes its growth into new cells, which finally builds a human form, and the passing on to every cell created the first perfect and undeviating form of divinity. It now can definitely be seen that when humanity cooperates and in no way, through thought or expression, interferes with the ideal of divinity, the human form is ideally perfect. Thus we can say that it is God-body, pure and perfect.

Let us see that divine energy and intelligent principle emanating from the single cell or amoeba, which its own principle of great vibratory frequency began drawing energy to itself and then began dividing and multiplying until it came into a great focal point or form, wherein it could emanate and direct all forms as well as put forth forms as of the image of itself. Humanity has never deviated from that perfect pattern or image. Photography shows those perfect forms, not only surrounding every form, but also other perfect forms coming forth.

Where the scientists lack evidence, we have forged ahead to the complete knowing that we are that great emanating frequency. Sit quietly for a few moments with the statements, “God I Am, as all are,” “God I Am Divine Intelligence,” and know, and then admit to yourself, with all doubt removed, “I Am Divine Principle, I Am Divine Love, and it flows through me to all the world.” Then see yourself as God and everyone you meet or see, as God, and you will see that which is being accomplished in the sub-microscopic zone of life, for you will see an almost invisible drop of protoplasm that is transparent, jelly-like, capable of motion, drawing energy from the sun. It is already capable of using the light of the sun to break up the carbon dioxide in the air, forcing the atoms apart, seizing the hydrogen from the water and producing carbohydrates, thus making its own food out of one of the world’s most stubborn chemical compounds.

This single cell, this transparent droplet, holds within itself the germ of all life. It not only has the germ but it has the power to distribute this life to all living things, great and small, and it also fits that creature to its environment wherever life exists, even from the bottom of the ocean to the universe above. Time and environment have moulded the form of every living thing so that it meets the infinite variety of all conditions, and as these living things develop their individuality, they sacrifice some of their flexibility to change and become specialized and fixed, losing the power to go back but gaining a better and greater adjustment to the conditions as they exist.

The power of this droplet of protoplasm and its contents is greater than the vegetation that clothes the earth in green, greater than all of the animals that breathe the breath of life, for all life comes from it and without it no living thing would have been or could be.

You will find that all of this is absolute Truth, step by step. Humanity will know, as we know, that man is the universal source of life. Man is master in the animal as well as in the vegetable and mineral kingdoms, completely endowed with Supreme Intelligence; in reality, the soul of all things. This Divine Intelligence man has never lost. He has only become shamefully unaware of this true God heritage through the setting up of his own debased thought structure. It is well at this point to stop and let go of, forget and forgive this debased thought structure, and set up a real structure as man, the Supreme Intelligence, the master of all things; God and man, one.

An amoeba is a microscopic highly developed living cell composed of untold millions of atoms in orderly arrangement.  Size is nothing to the Infinite.  The atom is as perfect as the solar system. This cell divides and forms two. The two divide and form four, and so on, ad infinitum, as cells do in every living creature. Each cell contains within itself the power to produce a complete individual. The cells themselves are immortal. They form the cells of all creatures, animal and vegetable of today, and are exact replicas of their progenitors. We, as all humanity, are well-ordered replicas of billions on billions of similar cells, each cell a citizen intelligently doing its full quota of devoted service. This one cell also has the power to use sunlight to break up a chemical compound and make its own food and enough for its brother cell. You will find that this division is absolutely basic as one of the essentials of life itself. Can it be further denied that man is immortal here, when there is proof of divinity as immortality?

All things that live start from a single cell and this cell compels all of its descendants to perform the service and follow without deviation the design of the creature the original cell is to duplicate, whether it be a human, a turtle, or a rabbit. It is found that these cells have distinct intelligence, instinct as well as reasoning power, as it is well known that after division, portions of the cells are forced to change an entire nature to meet the requirements of that being of which they are a part. Why? Because the plan is set forth and is invincible to change and that is the reason that man is divine, perfect, and invincible. It does not matter what thinking structure he evolves, this plan is absolutely irresistible and can never be changed; it is first principle, dominant and compelling, and is also the very reason that man is capable and abundantly able to reach the highest. In the event that he fails to reach the highest in his immediate understandings, all that is necessary is for him to change his thought structure, which has circumvented him, to the true thought structure that is steadfastly fixed within his own mind, of which he always has an inherent instinct, and build a dominant thought structure which will allow him to reach to the highest conception to which thoughts can aspire. His easiest and most successful way of attainment to this highest goal is forever to let go or drop the thought structure that has bound him to the wheel of repetition and set into immediate action that which will build up an invincible thought structure which will never fail in carrying him to the highest.

The first suggestion is to place in his mind the thought and word “GOD,” knowing positively that it is the one point from which and where all success originates, also from which all success emanates.

Then fix that thought of success with the thought, “God I Am success.”

Then the next thought, “God I Am abundantly able to succeed in every effort that I truthfully designate.” 

Your next statement will be, “God I Am the exact knowledge that goes with the ability to succeed.” 

Your next statement will be, “God I Am the infinite love that attracts all substance to me that brings forth my success.” 

Knowing also that love is the greatest cohesive power in the universe, your next statement will be:

God I Am the intelligence that guides all of my success into the right and profitable channels.” 

This will be followed by: “God I Am the divine knowledge and the wisdom that gives the perfect to all of my success, “ followed with:

“God I Am the perfect trinity, God the Conquering Christ, God-man, the on focal point of all creation.” 

We are now dealing with God cells which never lose or change in any way, thus man cannot change from Divinity.  The brain of man is built of these God cells and this is the very reason that mind never changes. Thoughts may change one thousand times a minute, as they are only reflexes from the subconscious. It is there that man has free will, for he can induce the subconscious to believe and store any thought put forth or that which he perceives or is told by another. This subconscious in no portion of the brain itself but it is a ganglia of true cells located just below the heart center. These cells know neither impurity nor imperfection. They accept and store everything that is thought or spoken and they have no way of discriminating.  They also repeat that which they have stored and man soon begins to believe what is repeated as truth. Soon he is unable to segregate truth from falsehood. This group of cells, however, may be influenced to let go of all false statements or falsehoods and accept and register true and absolute statements simply by talking directly to them. Suggest that they let go of all false and negative qualities, thoughts and statements and you will soon be aware that only true and constructive statements are registered in your world, which in turn reflect to you and through you. Then will follow the awareness of a great serenity of purpose. These cells have no way of discriminating except as they are taught. You will find that they are very tractable and most willing to be led or influenced by the truth. Many people have seemed actually to bound forth in response to this application of truth.

Hundreds of billions of cells are impelled to do the right thing at the right time and in the right place and, verily, they are obedient at all times as long as the individual is sincere.

The life of man pushes forward building, repairing, extending, and creating the new and better with an irresistible urge and energy that is not comprehended by or found in inanimate things. It is found that there is an intelligent instinct and directing influence that pervades every cell of the human form, it does not matter how far they may seem to have wandered from this Divine Directing influence. It is our privilege to see them in this influence without giving any thought to the outer or that which is holding them under the hypnotic spell. What a privilege it is just to see that one or all who are under the spell really endowed with that infinitely complex cellular structure called the human brain. That same brain has the capacity to carry man or all humanity to the very highest of attainments. What a divine privilege it is to see all humanity combined in this great structure of God Mind.

Try this, “I Am of the noble God Mind” and see it open the windows of heaven and let it pour  out such a blessing that it fills completely every avenue of expression. All those who are faithful need say—”God I Am the knowing principle of all things.” This opens the eye to the universal abundance that never fails.  Try it, knowing positively that you must succeed.  As Elijah did,  hold out the cup until it is filled to running over. Never doubt the capacity of the One Mind. It is always ready to bring forth these wonders, as humanity aligns itself with God Mind.

As such, humanity has been traced with sufficient evidence to satisfy scientists, for at least one million years but let us see that this period is but an established minimum, for man goes back to an antiquity far beyond all human understanding. You can readily see that you are capable of extending your vision with the inclusion of God Mind, or the One Mind, to furnish all humanity with a background or build-up that has maintained true to man and Divine Mind; and how readily you are able to attach your thinking process to Divine Mind by declaring—God I Am Divine Mind—then knowing definitely that your statement is true and in full accord with Divine Law and Principle.

In this way you are fully aware that heaven is all around you. Now is the opportune time to know that all are free to accomplish this as you are. Now realize that matter was never conceived until thought set it up as a reality. Remember that matter never smiles, neither does it have any power or energy to rule or master itself; it is also devoid of instinct or volition of its own. It is foreign to all other substance.

The bird actually sees its destination of migration and thus does not need an instrument to guide it; that instrument is right within those tiny brain cells. How much greater can the same instrument guide you, for it is right within your brain cells, and mind is in direct control as soon as man knows that he is in full control of mind action. The bird, although it flies over a thousand miles of open water, never loses its direction.

Man has this same sense of seeing but he has lost the ability by putting it out of his thought structure. Nothing is ever lost from Divine Mind. This is the very reason that it belongs to man, for man is as divine as mind. Thus he will never deviate from truth or be at a loss to accomplish all things when he again joins with Divine Mind.

The animal has never lost instinct and intuition for the very reason that it is incapable of building an adverse thought structure. When a dog is set upon the trail of man or beast, he is incapable of thinking, “Can I do this?”, consequently he goes forward and follows that trail until something happens that obliterates the scent or the goal is reached.

Man is far more capable than the animals or the birds, yet he permits himself to sink lower than the animal.

With the true perception of man’s fully equipped make-up and his full understanding of his complete inclusion within God or Divine Mind, man is readily capable of moving from position to position with unbounded velocity, his brain is now fully equipped with True Mind and, as he cooperates with True Mind as all-seeing and all-knowing, he scales every height instantly and perfectly; there are no wanderings, the path is clear, the evidence is revealed with certainty and sureness.

You can put out your hand and feel God. Put your hand on your own form and you both see and feel God. As you may have passed 100 or 1000 people during the day in going about your affairs, you have seen God 100 or 1000 times. This may be repeated each day. Keep God close to you by seeing every living form as God. Then God will be so close to you that you will never again closet God in some far off celestial realm or temple and you will find the temple not made with hands.  You will also find that your body is the first and greatest temple ever built and that it is the only temple wherein God abides. Then see the Conquering Christ and God-man within this temple. This is the very life that maintains your body. Take God away or separate one from the other and your body would die.

Man has built all of the great temples that have ever existed or do exist upon the earth but he has never duplicated this great body temple. It is not only the greatest laboratory ever built, it also has the power of duplicating itself.

Man has defiled this body temple to the utmost, even to the place where he is obliged to lay it down in so-called death. Yet it rises again, triumphant!

Man, under limitation, is unable to build a human eye but let man throw off every limitation and he is able to build or renew an eye or any part of the human body even to overcoming death.

There is a divine intelligence and principle but it was never set up by one being or one man. It was set up by a great civilization of hundreds of millions of people. This thought was set up so dynamically that it saturated every atom of the entire universe as well as every atom of the human body; also, with a directing influence upon all things. It was also set up with such power that it became a directing force of mind action, where nothing changes. Thus it impressed its power upon every cell of the human form and the light which denotes this divine intelligence was centered in the first cell to the extent that divinity has been passed on from generation to generation for billions of years, without a change in the real Divine Image of each unit of humanity. It will go on unchanged for a hundred billion years, as it is established as Immutable Law, and an established law in the cosmos is unchangeable. Law should be Lord, as there is but one law, one Lord for all established mind action. Man is the Lord in full control of divine law.

Out of this great action came millions of years of peace and thorough contentment. Each one was the conquering Christ-King of his own domain, yet a willing helper and worker, with no thought of self or selfish ends in that which was the good for all, as an abundance of all things were there for all to use.

Then groups claiming free will of thought and action began withdrawing unto themselves. They longed for a change; they wanted to know of material things and to think of themselves rather than the entire group. Thus larger numbers withdrew from the main household, as it was called at that time. Finally the groups of dissenters combined and grew to the extent that their thoughts became chaotic, until the natural elements were thrown into chaos and a great eruption took place within the sun, which lasted for at least a million years.

At different intervals have come the planets and stars of our solar universe. Yet prior to this chaotic condition humanity had already set up in definite mind action such as divine balance that to chaos has come order so divinely exact and perfect that the place any star or planet will occupy at any time can be mathematically determined to the second. This balance is so perfect that there has been no variation for a billion years. This certainly indicates eternity. Thus you can readily recognize perfect law, or lord in action, and it came into being through a great civilization of the human family and through their united will of perfect understanding through the civilization.

To this divine understanding was given the word or name GOD. It was fully known that this word could be intoned at the greatest vibratory frequency, as it was placed at the head of all language. In the beginning the word in no way represented a human form but it did represent a great Divine Principle set up by the entire human race. This race lived in heaven, as heaven to them was and is the ever Divine Principle and harmony within the human form, which is the mind called God. From this word, knowing its divine origin and precepts, every divine condition does come to humanity. This divine, just, and perfect law, or lord, reigns throughout the entire universe.  You now see it throughout the entire solar system but we know that it is just as  positive throughout the entire human kingdom as well as in the plant, mineral, and animal kingdoms.

During this chaotic disturbance nearly all of those who had withdrawn from the great group were destroyed. Those who were left of this group were obliged to seek shelter in caves and wherever they could find protection. Food became scarce, and just the matter of food became so pressing that a large percentage became cannibals.  These conditions, which they brought upon themselves and which not only separated them from the great group but from each other, forced them to form tribes in order to exist, thereby causing them to forget all of their former knowledge, and so they became nomads.

These were the forefathers of that race which is called “material.” And although this separation has carried on for well over a million years, there still remains something which may be called a half instinct through which they feel that they have been a part of a divine plan. Many of these are fearlessly coming forth today and freely proclaiming their Lordship and a portion have advanced to the point where they are entirely free from all bondage.

Those who did stand together in the great group went through all of these chaotic changes in perfect peace and composure without any loss of divinity, as they knew that divinity could never be lost or taken from them. For all this they are in no way claiming any selectivity, neither do they claim any power above that which all can use.

During the period that this great civilization reigned upon this earth the great land areas, as well as the seas, were peaceful. There were no land or sea disturbances, the breezed where gentle and invigorating, and all of the people traveled at will wherever they wished, as there was no weight or cumbrances, no limitation of time or space. They thought in terms of eternity. All thoughts and words were put forth as divine precepts and to such a definite purpose that they were firmly fixed and definitely recorded as precepts in divine mind, and these were the foundation and bulwark of a great reservoir that could be drawn upon for every supply, every action, and every undertaking. Thus man had at hand a universal supply for every undertaking and every accomplishment. For all humanity was looked upon as God-man and the Trinity, or completion, or focal point was God, the Conquering Christ, God-man, the Trinity complete in all.

There was not a negative word in the language, neither was there a word for a past or a word for the future; all was here and now and completely accomplished and finished. All of the accomplishments that humanity is struggling with today in order to return to this high estate have been accomplished by this so-called higher civilization, and all of the accomplishments are recorded in record form and are accessible to humanity as soon as they will look beyond this so- called material age with its welter of divided precepts and personal accomplishments. All of these accomplishments are perfected and fully recorded definitely in the great storehouse of universal mind substance.  They can be called forth by mankind as soon as they still the clamor of those who through their own free will forged the calamity. The greatest hope is for the future generation. It is quite evident that the younger generation is physically, mentally, as well as mechanically the best of all timber; all that is lacking is courtesy and judgment tempered by experience.  These qualities will bestow maturity.  The greatest substitute and guide is habit, for a good habit is as easy to acquire and as difficult to break as a bad one.

It is a well organized thought by those who are the survivors of that great civilization, that had every individual been carried out by these great chaotic disturbances, that the precepts were so definitely thought out and so thoroughly recorded in the universal mind substance that not one thing would have been lost. It is a well known fact that every positive word set forth with a true meaning and definite intent is so fully and intelligently recorded in Divine Mind substance, which we call God Mind, including every action and tone, that it can be recalled, also photographic records made to the degree that all may see and hear all of these events.

It is a well known fact that a portion of this great civilization has survived and preserved their identity. Although, they have withdrawn into more or less seclusion, nevertheless they are awaiting the time, which is not far distant, when they may come forth and proclaim their identity. It is now stated that this time will be when a sufficient number have let go of their preconceived ideas of a personal God or great being outside of themselves and accepted the Trinity, God, the Conquering Christ, God-man in all, and capable of being set forth through and by all mankind.

These records can in no way be varied or distorted, neither can so-called time distort them. These are no miracles or super-human experiences; they are natural, fixed conditions. In fact, they are of the same fixed law that governs and rules all of the planetary systems of the universe. The wonder is that this law and its influences speak more loudly than any words the greatness of man’s ability to achieve. The great beauty and purity of it all is that this was in no way a great dominating or supernatural race; just as you and I are today all in the same image and likeness, the same and one God. Then let us all worship together this one great noble God-man, looking first for the God in all, then seeing the Conquering Christ in every face, uniting all in God-man; knowing that every image that is set up outside of man is but an idol with feet of clay that is readily broken by the spoken word. With this you can clothe all science and all religion with the same garment from the one source, as all is one truth. Truth is the law of all science.  By thinking divinity man establishes divinity within himself and also add to the great reservoir of cosmic energy and force, that force becoming a great power within itself. You are capable of setting up just such a force and building it to a higher degree of activity. There are millions adding to that force all of the time and you can join them if you will.


Q. Where do inspirational ideals come from?

A. The world of ideas is all about us. You may have any one of several conceptions regarding the meaning of inspirational ideas. Most so-called inspirational ideas are emotional expressions that have little significance other than that of deep feeling. Other inspirational ideas are those flashes of clear-sightedness that enable one to act wisely in an emergency. Possibly the questioner has in mind that profundity of thought achieved by philosophers and saints by means of their disciplines. This is the real, consciously breathing in the spirit of universal wisdom that permeates all space.

Q. How do we get inspirational ideas?

A. In a sense we generate them within ourselves by disciplining our bodies to serve as channels to receive the currents of universal mind and transform the one force in such a way as to intercept the universal laws that are expressed in the diversity of phenomena.

Q. Why do our ideas seem to come from outside sources?

A. At our present stage of development we are not prepared to recognize the source of all the forces that are active within us. Life is a universal force which we know in living tissue but we do not know where life comes from or where it goes when it leaves the body. Electricity is used every day; we know it may be generated but we do not know where it comes from. To describe thought as a force expressed in ideas that are generated may be somewhat less tangible but the analogy is evident. We think but the source of the energy is hidden; yet we do know that we can increase our thinking capacity and efficiency. Is it any wonder, then, that the average mind is confused when it is said that thoughts come from within? It certainly does seem that they would have to come from without; but so it is with electricity and life. Prepare certain conditions and life and electro-motive power are at your disposal. Prepare the mind and inspirational ideas will be generated within you just as surely.

Q. What is your attitude toward the present upsetting social conditions?

A. I do not give them any energy. If we would withdraw the energy we give to thinking about upsetting conditions and build up our own bodily conditions with that energy instead, we could correct any conditions immediately.

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