Life And Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East - VOL 5

Life And Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East – VOL 5





I am going to take up the subject of what one person can do and does accomplish in this thought. Our experiences in this connection were very considerable at the time of our expeditions into Tibet and India, also in Mongolia, and we observed the ability one has to protect not only himself but an entire race.

That may seem like a tremendous undertaking but, when we go back and think of

Jesus’ life and realize what He did for humanity and what He is doing today, we are better able to comprehend and accept it. His teachings have never ceased for 2,000 years. They have gone on and on and they are just as vital today as they were then.

I have told of the Masters standing on the water and the two students who walked out to them. There is a great lesson in that demonstration. It shows how we can control and use natural forces and benefit by them, not necessarily walking on water, but as we get out of the objective state, where we see we are going to sink and move into the subjective state, we can use that power to assist this body completely. In that state we accomplish. There we are not subject to change.

The change is only the changing object. The subject never changes. Spirit is never in any way altered. The basic principle always maintains.

Now if we look always to that basic Principle we become that Principle. Some may think it would carry us into a static condition. How could it? It is in that very attitude that we become able to accomplish and then we go on without change but with an accomplishment along a definite line, knowing exactly what we are accomplishing, not just what we are going to accomplish.

If we live with that one attitude of thought always subject to our understanding we cannot change. There is always progression. That carries us right on into another statement or condition, and that is old age.

Old age is objective. We accomplish that ourselves. But is it necessary? Not at all. Suppose that we could travel into space a sufficient distance so that we were completely away from this earth. There is no time there. Supposing we stay there for 100 years as we count time. We would be no older. The same condition can be brought directly to the earth. In fact it really is here—no time and no space—conditions subject to our determination. Medical scientists are telling us that there is not a body in existence over nine months of age. We are subject to the change that we put upon it only. Youth belongs to us. If there were not that perfect condition, we would never present youth at all. If youth is not always eminent, there would be nothing youthful. If youth were not subject to our will, we would all be old.

Now we make old age subject to our will. A child is born. It’s elders see three score years and ten for that child. The child becomes subject to the thoughts of the elders. We do not even give that child a chance to fashion its own future. We fasten the idea of death upon that child. The Hindu says that three score years and ten is the time when man reaches his majority, when he begins to accomplish. From then on he can go on as far as he will with no limitation, with youth completely subject to his determination.

It is said that we make a success of everything we undertake. If it is failure we undertake, we make a success of that. If it is perfection we undertake, we make a success of that. How much better it is to present perfection than imperfection. If we did no more than assist our neighbor, it would be much better than to present imperfection to him. We would get much more out of life and it wouldn’t cost us a penny. It costs nothing to greet him with a smile. Present love to him and perfection will follow right along the same line.

Think of an assemblage joining with just that one object in view: youth, beauty, purity and perfection! Is it going to cost us anything to live by those ideals? If we would live with those ideals always foremost, we would change our conditions within a week’s time. We have seen it accomplished within a moment.

Didn’t Jesus say that “ if your eye be single your whole body is full of Light?” It is impossible today to take the originals of Jesus’ teachings and find where He put anything into the future. He gave man the greatest scope to use his thoughts to one definite end and that end is accomplishment.

We have seen a single man able to accomplish a condition where nothing could touch him. He was not a so-called master, either. He was a Sioux Indian and it happened right in this country. We know of conditions among the Indians today where they can draw a line around their villages across which no one can come with hate in their hearts. It was attempted twice and in both instances the attempt proved disastrous.

Jesus said: “As ye love one another you are immersed in love.” He placed love as one of the greatest powers. When we turn our power in the other direction we come into a state of turmoil. He said that you are the ruler of heaven and earth and all that is in them. Are there any limitations in that? He saw that man had not touched his possibilities. He presented the unlimited to humanity.

If there were one atom misplaced in the body, that body could not remain in existence. Take one atom out of place and the whole universe would explode. Jesus presented those conditions in a simple, straightforward way. His original words are perfectly simple. He placed the ideal so definitely that we could never forget it. He presented it as “God.” It is known today that the vibratory influence of that word carries us right out of the hypnotic state we build in our own bodies. If we turned the energy we give to that state toward God, we would build that condition so definitely that there would be no separation.

But most of us look from the central point and allow our thoughts to dissipate.  Jesus’ vision went to one point, that subjective condition that always exists. The object changes, but the truth never changes. Now if we changed and gave all our energy to that one-pointed attitude, our bodies would emanate light. When we came into a room that room would light up.  We have seen that many times. It is not phenomena. It can be photographed, and you cannot photograph phenomena. We can turn from the unstable condition, in which we have chosen to live, to the stable condition and it takes us only as long as it requires us to take the thought. The very instant we have changed our thought to this Truth, or God, it is right with us and we are that very thing.

We do not need any lessons. Lessons only make us aware.  They are a power, yes, but we are apt to give more energy to the lesson then to the meaning it conveys. It took only one demonstration for those two students to walk out and stand with the teachers on the water while the others stood on the bank. There are many standing on the bank because they do not change to a stable condition. The same amount of energy they give to instability would take them right out on the water. We do not need to leave here to learn to walk on the water. Nor do we need to leave here to learn one single precept. There is but one precept, and it is right here within us.

We cannot change it. It does not matter how long we keep away from it. When you turn toward the light, you find that you are the light. Did Jesus need to walk toward the light? Why, He was the Light. It is, as He explained, the light of truth, the light of love, the Light of God.

Jesus never used a thought that was not turned toward principle. With that attitude we can all follow in that very simple way. Those people who live in that simple way do not take something from someone else but bring out from within. That is worked out to the supplying of food and every necessity. The only difference between them and the rest of mankind is that they have projected their vision to take in a wider horizon. Everyone can work it out for himself. Once we have worked it out we have learned the rule.  We follow our own course and then we know.  Paths may be presented and ways shown but unless we use our own way we are not going to accomplish it.  If we look to others, we are adding energy and impetus to something that someone else is doing and we are giving that energy from our body. The moment we present our way we add energy to our body and we have ample to spare. That builds up a condition that helps everyone. We do not take the thoughts of another to build upon.  We build our thoughts into universal condition that benefits the whole of humanity.

It is said that no one brings forth an accomplishment in any way without assisting the whole race. It is the energy we add, directed toward one great attitude of thought, that carries humanity on. It is not by building on the other fellow but by building upon our own foundation.  Then we have all the energy in the universe to use.

Everything we think of in the name of God, and with that vibration, belongs to us. That covers all supply, all knowledge, all purity, all perfection, all good.

You can gain dominion just as soon as you put your entire thought on the fact that Divinity is already established within you. Know all of the time that Divinity is nowhere but right within; that it has always been established within; that you have only clouded and thus kept it out of your consciousness by your own adverse thoughts.

Talk to that Divinity within. Tell It that you know that It is there and that you have now become fully aware of Its presence. Ask It to come forth and be the dominating factor in your life. Say, “I now have let go and now put out of my life all adverse thoughts. I am grateful that Divinity is fully established throughout my entire being.” Determine that you will no longer be an animal, that your entire body is now so pure that the Holy Presence of the living God has attained full possession of this body temple, and that It is now in complete charge. Keep these thoughts constantly in mind.

Then say, “I now know the bliss and satisfaction that spring from the union of the soul with the Living Christ and that bliss and satisfaction do abide in me throughout all eternity. I know that the Presence of the Living Christ is fully established in me and I Am the pristine purity of the Christ.” Keep these statements before the subconscious or subjective mind and you will soon experience the joy and the satisfaction that always have been yours through the Presence of the Living Christ.

Soon you will find that you do generate mental forces that supplant all adverse thoughts, feelings, and actions. You do build up a momentum of pure thought that is irresistible and that dominates your entire world. The time to fortify this spiritual and Holy Temple is when we are at peace with our own soul. In this way we so educate the subjective mind that it gives forth nothing but Divine impressions. This sinks deep into our consciousness and operates during every hour of our sleep. When we find a weak spot in our thoughts, words, or deeds, it is necessary to bring the will into full action to strengthen and fortify these rents in the structure. Soon we learn automatically to conquer all adverse thoughts and only God-thoughts and God- feelings have residence in our worlds. Then do we truly have the armies of our thoughts and feelings so marshalled that nothing but God is able to enter. This is the degree of absolute

Mastery, where one attains the ability to make the Divine Principle manifest. Thus we are the basis of all Spiritual Power. You will find that it pays great dividends as you make it your work in life. You now see the dawn of a new day and you do gain a greater understanding of the Law.

There is no more effective way to free your mind and world of discord than positively to know that your entire mind and body is the Temple of the Living God. You can also use this statement with the knowledge that, through the silent but far-reaching influence of Divine thoughts, all of humanity, in fact the entire universe is benefited and raised by every constructive thought, feeling, and spoken word sent out by you. The more you think of the immortal Love of God, the greater the enlightenment of humanity manifests. Thus you can see and understand, in a measure, the tremendous privilege and opportunity which is ours in assisting in the uplifting and enlightenment of mankind.  What is more, it is our responsibility and our obligation to life to help erase or dissolve the negative in the world of humanity, and one of the most powerful ways to do this is by refusing to see, hear, or accept the negative, and consciously to send forth Divine Love to everyone and everything. Know firmly that “The Divine Spirit of the Conquering Christ transcends all discord.”

Know always that your will is the Divine Will, God’s Will, and that God is acting through you every moment! Each thought that you qualify with this master thought increases your will power and your will power becomes so strong that your very thought is irresistible. Do this and expect results with all sincerity and nothing can disturb you.

The persistent, daily use of such strong, positive words and thoughts, repeated with great intensity, develops dormant brain cells and you soon know that you are the Lord, in full dominion. Exercise your will and your word for all purposes and you become the master of your own mind and no longer accept the negative qualities in the world around you. As you are faithful over a few things you become master over all things. Create, through your word, the condition that is rightfully yours and you are the master over all conditions.

Physiologists now state that the cells comprising the organism of our bodies have the power to receive impressions and carry them to the complete cellular structure of the human form; also the power to recall impressions, or memory, the power to compare impressions, or judgment, and the power to select between good impressions and imperfect impressions. It is also well determined that the subjective or subconscious mind is the aggregate energy and intelligence of all the body cells. By putting forth only Divine impressions, all of the cells again become aware of the Divinity of each cell, and they transmit this Divinity to every cell of the human form. Were this not true, no photograph could be taken of the human form.

As this becomes known to the individual, the will force of each individual cell agrees and works in harmony with the will of the organ or center to which it belongs and to which it will attach itself. It is the power of all of the will cells composing the organ or center and it is brought into conscious harmony with the central will of the entire organism of the human body. Then as we use the words, “God I Am,” it is fully manifest through the entire body form. It also gives greater power to the next spoken word, such as “I Am God Power, I Am all Abundance,” and so on, and “Through this word of power I Am free from all limitations!”


Q. Will you explain what you mean by God?

A. God is the principle by which we abide. You cannot put a definition on God. The moment you begin to define It, It is above that definition. A definition only attempts to crowd God into the quart jar of man’s intellect.

Q. Some use the word God, some Spirit, some Principle. Which is best?

A. The greatest word is God. You cannot set up a hypnotic condition with the word. With others you can. If you turn directly to the one point, there is a greatest accomplishment. You cannot utter the word “God” too often.

Q. You speak of Jesus seeing the golden white light. Is that the highest attitude?

A. We do not know. It was far above anything of an objective nature. Nothing of a lower potentiality can penetrate it.

Q. What method should be used to contact Divine Power?

A. There is no set formula. As we look upon it, the law is where we are, always. If we definitely put ourselves in tune with the law, the whole universe is open to us. If the universe is open to us and we see every condition of the universe, we are manifesting under this law and we become one with it. It is done simply by knowing that we are one with it, never allowing any doubt or fear to enter.

Q. Is the western world prepared to accept these things?

A. The western world is preparing and the preparation is going on so rapidly that no one is excluded. People only exclude themselves. We create the field when we open our understanding. That field can be expanded to take in the whole universe. The universe of our body is one with the universal whole at all times and it is only for us to expand our understanding to become one with the universal whole.

Q. How shall we discriminate as to what thoughts to project?

A. If we are not able to discriminate, we should give out Love to the best of our ability and refuse to give out anything else. That will bring us to harmonious conclusions. Jesus placed Love before anything else.

Q. How does it happen that every so often an Avatar is sent to earth?

A. The presentation of Principle is what you would call the selection of an Avatar. That person merely lives close to Principle. The path which he shows, or the life he lives, becomes the path for all.

Q. Is his appearance and reappearance dependent upon any condition of spiritual unfoldment on the earth?

A. No, he steps through all unfoldment and lives one with Spirit.

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